Monday, August 21, 2006

They'll Wear Blue and Gray on Alternate Days

Eight members of a Sons of Confederate Veterans camp in Luray, Virginia, have chartered a new Sons of Union Veterans camp in the same town. They haven't abandoned the South: they're just honoring ancestors who fought for the other side.

The formation of the Union camp by the members of the Confederate camp, said Gregory Kelly, 40, of Luray, will help promote understanding.

"Many people see us as rednecks because we are in SCV," Kelly said. "This shows we are not that way at all."

Kelly, manager of the Food Lion in Stanley, said the members will likely be ostracized by many people because of the creation of the Union camp.

"[But] if it will help in any kind of way to bring issues to rest," he said, "that is great." [Link]

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