Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tour Guide Refuses to Wear Knickers

The owner of Walking Tours of Historic Boston descends from Paul Revere's son's wife's brother. Benjamin L. Edwards guides tours along the city's Freedom Trail, and has written an audio book for children—One April in Boston—that stars his nearly almost famous ancestor. As a former commercial printer, Edwards is confident that he "would've been completely comfortable back then."

Edwards might not have been so comfortable in his ancestors’ clothes, however. One of the most frequent questions he is asked on the Freedom Trail is how come he is not dressed in period costume like many other guides. (He does carry tricorner hats and Betsy Ross bonnets for the kids.)

The answer has less to do with a fear of knee socks and knickers and is more out of a desire to stand out from his competition.

“I want to be the guy who people ask, ‘Hey, why are you not dressed up?’ I want to be the tour guide who’s also the children’s book author,” he says. [Link]
[Photo source: Boston Tour by JB (license)]

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