Sunday, August 20, 2006

Two Easily Confused Christians

Christian James Tinory and Christian James Doskocil met while waiting in line for Boston Red Sox tickets on Friday morning. The 12-year-olds soon discovered that they had more in common than first and middle names.

“I went to play catch with him,” said Doskocil, who spied Tinory throwing a football. They quickly found out they shared more than a love for sports.

Doskocil’s older sister, Laura, couldn’t believe the similarities.

She joked it would be weird if the two shared a birthday and sure enough, they did - April 18, 1994.

“Then we found out he was born in the same two minutes,” Christian Doskocil said. “That was pretty crazy.” [Link]
And yet the two differ in one important way: Tinory loves the Red Sox, while Doskocil is a Yankees fan. Which means that, were they long-lost brothers, the latter would be the evil twin.

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