Monday, September 25, 2006

Add Ten Candles to the Cake

The family of Theresa Walker Lamebull, matriarch of the Gros Ventre Tribe in Montana, knew she was old. But until last spring, they didn't realize how old.

They turned to Father Joseph Retzel at the St. Paul's Mission in Hays, where Lamebull is a devout, lifelong member. Soon after, the priest came to a family gathering with a copy of the baptismal certificate and some news.

"Grandma Theresa" was not 100. She was 110.

On April 4, 1897, the certificate said, a couple called White Weasel brought their daughter to the St. Paul's Mission to be baptized. They named her Theresa.

She was about 1 year old, it said, putting her birth in 1896.

Lamebull has given other birth dates in the past that put her closer to 100. But Retzel said last week that he is confident the baptismal certificate he found is accurate and is hers. [Link]
Below is her family in the 1900 census of Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. I guess Theresa's baptism hadn't kicked in yet, as her name is given as "The Girl."

Jason Presley

Her parents were "White Weasel Lamebull" and "Killed in Brush Lamebull"? Any chance she had an uncle "Smoke Too Much"?


I think I'd be too intimidated to date a woman named "Kills in the Brush" (as Theresa gives her mother's name). Then again, I'm intimidated by women named "Jennifer"...

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