Sunday, September 10, 2006

All the Names a Child Could Ever Need

From The Evening Journal of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Aug. 26, 1890:

There is a family living in Athens, Ga., whose head delights in long names for the children. The first child is named Mary Magalina Mandy Mectum Elizabeth Betsy Polly Mack Barrett, the second child is named Alice Georgia Ann Forena Barrett; the third is named Mattie Frances Anna Tranna Barrett; the fourth child is named Emory Spear Walker Buster Barrett; the fifth child is named Tila Cory Coston Estelle Liniment Ettie Isiduler Barrett; the sixth is named Montine Cinicar Barrett; and the seventh child is named Ellice Bozma Mondenay Virginia Barrett.

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