Friday, September 29, 2006

All Your Banks Are Belong to Us

The property of the Sutu family in Romania was confiscated when the Communists took power in 1945. Now Sutu descendants are asking for its return, including "several churches, the headquarters of National Bank, Savings Bank, several ministries, colleges and embassies and properties measuring a quarter of Romania."

The properties reclaimed were identified based on the book about the Sutu family, presenting their family tree and the assets belonging to all the descendants. Those who ask for properties have searched in the archives and found documents about a fraction of them. They are still trying to find the truth about the rest of them.

As many of the buildings are headquarters for state institutions, they cannot be given back to their former owners. However, two of the Sutu descendants, Carmen Pastin and Istrati Sutu, have announced they will accept damages for the buildings. [Link]
(An explanation of the title for those who don't speak geek is here.)

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