Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Beggars Can't Be Nurses

Rajo Devi used to be a beggar in Madhubani, Bihar, India, but for the past year has sold newspapers and worked as a nurse at a private clinic. This prompted her clan to ask the village council, or Panchayat, to fine her 7,000 rupees for leaving the family business.

"The village headmen asked me not to work because no one in our tribe works. They said that our ancestors were all beggars and that this will bring a bad name to my family," says Rajo Devi.

Sadly for Rajo Devi, most of the tribe of beggars feel that the Panchayat's decision was justified - including her own family.

Says her sister Chanda Devi, "She should stick to begging for a living." [Link]

Jason Presley

I guess I didn't realize begging was such a respected profession in India. I wonder how big the begging industry is and whether or not they outsource their begging call centers to western countries...


Since so many of our jobs have been sent there, I'm sure we can scrounge up the unemployed labor-force to man those centers. If not, we'll just get Mexican immigrants to do it.

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