Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Blair Witch Problem

Michael Traubert of Wellsburg, West Virginia, wants to hold an event this Halloween commemorating the trial of Annie Blair for witchcraft in 1802. But two local historians aren't sure that Blair was ever even accused of witchcraft.

Gwen Hubbard, president of the Brooke County Genealogy group, said a brief court order filed for the case states only that the court found a slanderous accusation had been made against Blair. She presented a copy of the handwritten record to the commission, noting it doesn’t specify what accusations was [sic] made against Blair.

Ruby Greathouse, curator of the Brooke County Museum, said it’s clear Blair had been accused of some “untoward behavior,” but it’s not clear what it was. [Link]
Traubert responds that the historians are "taking something that was intended as a good time for everyone and twisting it around." I have to agree: Why let the truth get in the way of a good time? Even if Annie wasn't slanderously accused of being a witch two centuries ago, why not slanderously accuse her of it now?

Jason Presley

Pity she wasn't just a harlot, could've made for a much more exciting movie!


"Just a harlot"? Now, now, let's not underestimate harlots.

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