Friday, September 22, 2006

The Cataloguer's Computer Cart

Jim Wheeler of Total Project Solutions, Inc., touts his $225 Genealogy Computer Cart as "The Easier Way to Catalogue Cemeteries."

In your quest to document your family tree, do you spend time cataloguing cemeteries? If so, I make a cart that allows you to easily wheel around your laptop or notepads over the uneven and rough terrain often found in cemeteries.

There is also a shelf to hold a lawnmower battery and inverter to provide extended computer work time and a shelf for bug spray, cell phone, water bottle, pencils, etc. [Link]
This is so much nicer than the wheelbarrow I currently use.

Andy E. Wold

Yeah, but it can't beat my new HP iPAQ hw6945 PDA, cell phone, 1.3 MP camera, and GPS! :)

Gotta love a camera that can geocode photos automatically.


1.3 MP? I don't go anywhere without my 160 Megapixel Seitz 6x17 Digital Panorama Camera. Only $33,000 plus tax!

Jason Presley

Sure beats trying to read the inscriptions from Google Earth satellite photos!


I only use Google Earth to find things like this.

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