Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Digging Up Il Duce

A cheese factory worker in Italy wants to exhume his grandfather to verify the cause of his death. This wouldn't be international news had Guido Mussolini's grandfather himself been a cheese factory worker and not a notorious Fascist dictator.

A keen amateur historian, Mr Mussolini has been obsessed by his grandfather's fate for years. He has assembled a committee of a dozen historians and lawyers to try to shed some light on it. "I'm not looking for anything, not for revenge, not for money nor anything else," he said. "I just want someone to tell me the forename and surname of the person who killed him in such an ignoble way when they were supposed to hand him over alive to the Americans. Before I die I want to know who I must curse." [Link]
Coincidentally, that's why I started researching my family's history: to find out who I must curse.

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