Thursday, September 28, 2006

For Me, Every Day Is Ancestor Appreciation Day

I've only just discovered that yesterday, September 27, was Ancestor Appreciation Day. Fortunately, only three of my ancestors are still sufficiently alive to feel appreciated, and none of the three expected a card.

Which is not to say that I don't appreciate those defunct ancestors who made me the man I am today, including the French-Canadian housewife who started her second family before ending her first marriage, and the deacon's son booted from his father's church for tippling. Without them, I might have become a happily married churchgoer instead of a miserably single agnostic. So much for evidence of innate superiority.


Chris, I appreciate your ancestors for the miserably single agnostic you are. :-p Only a twisted mind such as yours could produce these blog posts that are oftentimes the highlight of my day.

~ Lee


Lee, if my blog posts are "oftentimes the highlight" of your day, you really are a geneaholic. Consider joining a 12-step program. ;-)

Thanks for embracing my twistedness.


Chris, sadly, I was thinking the same thing. Not that your blog posts shouldn't be the highlight of anyone's, everyone's day, but still, I do believe I have a problem. LOL

And you're welcome. :-)

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