Saturday, September 23, 2006

Help Build a Museum for $8

Promoters of the proposed U.S. National Slavery Museum have put out a clever plea for funds. All they want from you is $8 (though they will grudgingly accept larger, less symbolic amounts).

Why $8, you might ask?

$8 8 is the shape both of shackles (the symbol of slavery) and, if turned on its side, of infinite freedom.

$8 is an amount that allows every American to be a part of this incredible project.

$8 buys recognition for millions of enslaved African Americans who helped build America.

$8 is rewarded with an advance ticket to the Museum’s exclusive opening preview (valued at $25).

$8 will help remove shackles that have divided our nation and replace them with a new symbol for a united America.
If all the genealogists who were inspired by Roots to pursue their own family histories contribute, we should be able to get this thing built by Columbus Day.

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