Friday, September 29, 2006

Man Mistakenly Marries Mother-in-Law

From The Adams Sentinel of Gettysburg, Pa., Sept. 15, 1839 (citing the Perry Forester):

In one of the adjoining counties the following singular marriage took place: A collier was engaged in burning coals near the residence of a middle aged woman and her daughter, and generally spent his leisure hours at their house. At length marriage was spoken of, the arrangements were made, and the day fixed; but as the relations were opposed to the match, and the ceremony having to be performed in the dark, the poor collier did not know until morning that he had been married to the mother instead of the daughter. He was dissatisfied at first, but appears now contented, saying, "that it is perhaps better for him, as the mother must know more than the daughter."
As this was written in 1839, before sex was invented, I'm sure he meant "must know more about darning socks."

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