Monday, September 25, 2006

Nothing Like a Good Historical Movie

Steve Landwehr of The Salem News panned The Covenant this weekend on historical grounds alone.

The movie refers to the ancient families as original founders of the "Ipswich Colony," whatever that is. Like the rest of the North Shore, Ipswich was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. And because Ipswich was settled in 1633, those old warlocks would have been in their 80s or 90s in 1692, an age they'd be unlikely to attain given the downside of their powers.
[Screenwriter J.S.] Cardone appears to have a better grasp of local geography than history. The lead male character is named Caleb Danvers, although there was no Danvers in 1692. Caleb's love interest, Sarah Wenham, also has an unlikely surname, though her first name has an interesting historical tie. Sara Good, who was raised in Wenham, was hanged for being a witch in 1692.

"There's nothing like a good, historical movie," Marilynne Roach said with a chuckle. Roach spent 27 years researching and writing "The Salem Witch Trials: A Day by Day Account of a Community Under Siege." [Link]

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