Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Playing Cards Can Lead to Reproduction

Here's another reason to buy Fyodor Soloview's Six Generations card game: it could save your family from extinction.

The governments of European nations have been worried about progressive declines in populations, which will face them with serious shortage of labor. Nobody had an answer before as to how to secure an average fertility rate of over 2.1 babies per woman, which required human reproduction.

To fix this dilemma, Soloview said, governments, schools and parents should educate children in family genealogy. At home, children must observe the family tree with several generations of their ancestors. To help the parents, Fyodor Soloview, a father of four children, designed the family history card game Six Generations, which looks like a deck of playing cards.

"You just let you children play Six Generations, and they will figure it out by themselves, what their own role in securing their family dynasty is," the inventor said. [Link]

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