Monday, September 25, 2006

Proof the 1960 Census Wasn't Rigged

From the Oakland Tribune of Mar. 17, 1960:

St. LOUIS, March 17—(UPI)—Teddy Nadler, who won $264,000 on television quiz shows, today lost a chance for a $13-a-day job as a census taker when he flunked the qualification test.

Jack W. Traverse Jr., regional field director for the census bureau, said Nadler "did well on the first 30 questions but did not make the grade on the final 16."

The first part of the test consisted of multiple-choice questions on the definitions of words. The second part was a map comprehension section. The applicants were asked to do such things as indicating which of several buildings was nearest to a certain highway.

Traverse said Nadler apparently "got mixed up on east and west."
Nadler, once an obscure $70-a-week civilian clerk for the army, rose to fame and fortune on the $64,000 Challenge.

Challenge folded in 1958 during the quiz show scandals, but Nadler never was tainted by charges of "rigging."
Time Magazine was a bit more skeptical of Nadler's quiz-show success.

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