Thursday, September 07, 2006

Top Ten Internet Abbreviations for Genealogists

10. AFAICTWDAR — As far as I can tell without doing actual research

9. IYKWIM — If you know what "inbreeding" means

8. AMOUFL — As a matter of unfounded family legend

7. SCNRPYI — Sorry, could not resist proving your illegitimacy

6. IMPGHO — In my paternal grandmother's humble opinion

5. NIFOMR — Naked in front of microfilm reader

4. TIABIDITTYA — Thanks in advance because I don't intend to thank you afterwards

3. KMA — Kiss my ahnentafel

2. ROFTBPR — Rolling on the floor transcribing British parish registers

1. BTWYA — By the way, you're adopted

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