Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Vacation to Die For

Looking forward to an eight-day cruise to Mexico next month, Jim Hickson ordered a copy of his birth certificate from Los Angeles County, California. Imagine his surprise when he received his death certificate instead.

"I was depressed at first," he said. "I thought, God, maybe it's an omen."

He even begged a reporter: "Don't put me in the obituary column, please."

Although he didn't stay sad for long. As friends and family members repeatedly poked fun at his botched birth certificate, Hickson took an odd delight in being assumed dead.

Family friend Patrick Henry walked into his living room last week and delivered the same line used by a few of his sons: "Hey, dead man walking," Henry boomed, "What's up?"

Hickson said he even joked to a court clerk, "I should have gotten money back," considering death certificates only cost $12, while copies of birth records go for $17 apiece. [Link]

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