Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Won't You Come Home, Benn Baily?

Benn Baily Steedly disappeared in December 1919. His brother Drew and others did what they could to find him, but as Drew's granddaughter Debora H. Fogle says, "Nobody knew how to find out anything."

Drew Steedly's family promised at his deathbed that they'd keep up the search. That's why Debora is kicking herself for letting a possible clue slip through her fingers: a stranger who passed through Midway, S. C., this summer looking for his father.

The man couldn't tell them much, only that his father left Midway one day, changed his name and never came back.

Debora H. Fogle spoke to him briefly after a cousin thought enough of his story to call her on the phone. She wrote the man's name and telephone number down, and then she lost it.

Fogle has regretted that ever since.

She remembers, though, that he said he had a daughter and son-in-law in Atlanta.

The more she talked with her family in Midway, the more she got to thinking maybe the man who passed through town this summer was the son of her own long-lost relative, Great-uncle Benn Baily Steedly. [Link]

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