Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Can't Get Blood From a Slanderous Stone

Robert Barrows has received a patent for his Video Enhanced Gravemarker, and has issued a press release suggesting some possible implications of its use. Among Barrows' concerns is what will happen if a talking gravestone hurts someone's feelings.

"The Video Tombstone will also create some landmark free speech issues because how can you control what someone might say from beyond the grave?" he asks.
  • And will it be truth or lies?
  • What if someone confesses to a crime or makes an incrimination?
  • What if they say something slanderous?
  • What if they say something hurtful and cause emotional stress?
  • What if they say something anti-governmental?
  • Do the dead have free speech rights, too?
  • And what can you do if they say something true or untrue about you?
  • Can you pull the plug, and whom can you sue?
  • Worse yet, how can you collect?

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