Sunday, October 15, 2006

American History 101

I do like this profile of fellow Mainer Zimri Bridges, but one paragraph stopped me in my tracks.

According to an exhaustive family history charted by Zim’s niece, Rosalie Doughty, the Bridgeses came to "the Colonies" even before the Mayflower. Ancestor Edmund Bridges was born in England in 1612 and came across the ocean aboard the James in 1635, seven full years before those nouveau riche Pilgrims landed in Plymouth in 1642.
I don't have time to drive down to Plymouth to confirm this, but I'm almost positive they have a rock down there with the year "1620" chiseled into it. Now, I sincerely doubt that they'd have gone to the trouble of chiseling that date on a rock without first checking a book. Or at least Wikipedia.

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