Sunday, October 08, 2006

Annie Moore Gets Her Own TV Show

The September 15 press conference at which the real Annie Moore was presented to the world may now be viewed at Roots Television. Megan Smolenyak2 offers a compelling account of the search in the second and third segments, Brian Andersson adds some "breaking news" in the fourth, and some appreciative Moore descendants personalize the production with family stories in the fifth.

I especially enjoyed learning how the family of the "wrong" Annie Moore came to believe that she was the "right" Annie. Never again will I use commemorative plates as primary sources.

Randy Seaver

Good going, Chris - another scoop by almost 12 hours! Even Megan didn't post about it for awhile.

But did you watch all 45 minutes of it?

I was handicapped by having to attend church and slowed down by the jelly donut gutbomb this morning.

Keep up the good work -- Randy


Yes, I watched it all, and thought it was great start to finish. I can't say, as you did, that it brought tears to my eyes, but I did have a sizable lump in my throat listening to the family members. But then, I get a lump in my throat watching Deal or No Deal.

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