Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Connubial Convolution

From The Gettysburg (Pa.) Times of Jan. 18, 1909:

There exists in this state a curious family relationship. An aged farmer having two sons engaged a woman who had two daughters as his housekeeper. The farmer married the youngest daughter, aged 16 years, one of his sons married the other daughter, and the other son married the mother of the girls. All are living together in the same house.
Sounds like a great premise for a sitcom. Or a reality TV series. Maybe we can get Paris and Nicky Hilton to be the daughters.

Randy Seaver

Actually, this sounds like the real-life basis for "I'm My Own Grandpa."

Cheers -- Randy


As stepfather of his own stepmother, the second son would indeed be his own (step) grandpa. This parallels pretty closely the British case I wrote about last month.

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