Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finding Oprah's Roots ... Again

The sequel to Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s African American Lives is now in production, and will focus on the ancestry of a famous talk-show host. Surprisingly, it's not Maury Povich.

In “Oprah’s Roots,” Gates will teach audiences how to trace their own family trees as he traces Oprah Winfrey’s family background. The companion book, “Finding Oprah’s Roots: Building an African-American Family Tree,” will be available in February. [Link]
Apparently Miss Winfrey's roots were misplaced sometime after the airing of African American Lives, on which she also appeared and had her family background traced.

Jason Presley

Perhaps, this time, someone will inform Oprah that she has more than one ancestral line, not just that on which she had DNA testing done. So one out of thousands of ancestors wasn't of the Zulu tribe, so what? What kind of quitter gives up after that? She's Oprah! She should be dishing out the cash to have a male from every one of her ancestral lines tested!


And there are questions whether the single test she had done was reliable.

I have high hopes that this sequel will give a more complete picture of genealogical research. I'm still waiting for one of these celebrities to actually do the legwork and earn her ancestry like the rest of us.

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