Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hitching a Ride Home From the Hereafter

Some requests for genealogical help are downright paranormal. Back in 1959, Mabel Chinnery was visiting her mother's gravesite in Ipswich, England, when the strangest thing happened.

After taking some photos of the gravestone she took an impromptu pic of her husband in his car.

It wasn't until the film was developed that she saw an image of a woman sitting in the back seat of the car wearing glasses.

She immediately recognised the spirit as her departed mother.
Ivan Howlett is filming a documentary for French television that will feature the photograph, but has run into trouble determining where it was taken.
Mr Howlett is keen to find out more about the circumstances surrounding the photo having attempted to find the gravestone of Mrs Chinnery's mother.

However it is not known what Mrs Chinnery's maiden name is.

Meanwhile it is unclear exactly where at Ipswich Cemetery the photo was taken.

Mr Howlett is hoping relatives of Mrs Chinnery or anyone with knowledge of the photo will shed some light on the situation. [Link]
Seeking the help of area genealogists is wise, but I would recommend that Mr. Howlett also submit the photo to That Was Me!—a website where you can find out "who was lurking in the background of your photographs."

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