Thursday, October 26, 2006

It'll Take Movie Magic to Give Houdini Descendants

Walden Media, producers of The Chronicles of Narnia, are looking for a writer and director for their next big hit.

In a shocking move, it’s not actually based on a children’s book. No, this is a Walden original, and though it doesn’t yet have an actual title, it does have a plot—a 14-year-old discovers that he’s a descendent of Harry Houdini. When he learns of his legacy, he kicks off a journey of discovery, learning some of his ancestor’s past along the way. [Link]
Whomever they find to write the screenplay is in for a challenge: Houdini had no children. Some web sources speculate that he was rendered sterile by frequent visits to his brother, "New York's first X-ray specialist."

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