Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Never Too Late to Make a Match

In a region along the Yellow River in China, the folk custom of minghun, or afterlife marriage still prevails. A similar custom in Korea seems to be wholly symbolic. In China ... not so much. There is such demand for brides that graverobbing is not unheard of. According to farmer Chen Xingwu, grooms—living or otherwise—are not very picky.

"For girls, it doesn't matter about their minds, whether they are an idiot or not," Chen said. "They are still wanted as brides."
In the village of Qinjiagelao, Cao Guoxiang, 76, said the ceremony performed at a wedding/burial depends on the wealth of the family. "Poor people just bring the bodies over and put them in the earth," she said. "People with money will have a reception and slaughter a pig or a sheep for friends."

She added: "It's superstition and religion.

"People live as couples. If they die, they should live as a couple, too." [Link]

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