Sunday, October 01, 2006

Johnny-Come-Lately Cash

A 72-year-old country-and-western singer from Highland, Indiana, says that Johnny Cash stole his name.

[A]ccording to another Johnny Cash -- the former owner of the Country Porch tavern in Hammond -- the legendary singer was not the person he claimed to be.

"He was born with the initials 'J.R.' Cash; that is the name that was on his birth certificate," said the local Cash. "But when you go into the service, you need a first name, and that is when he added 'Johnny. Another guy took my name and made it famous." [Link]

Jason Presley

Well, I think J.R. Cash is all done with your name now, don't you? Are you just jealous that your name got to go out and have all that fun and be famous and you were stuck behind the bar?


Something tells me that Johnny Cash of Indiana owes at least part of his success (including this newspaper article) to J.R. He really should have trademarked his name when he was a toddler, as I did.

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