Monday, October 30, 2006

The Last Living Neanderthals?

Bryan Sykes's Saxons, Vikings, and Celts—which I reviewed a few days ago—has an amusing aside about two brothers in Wales known as the "Tregaron Neanderthals." Sykes was interviewed last month in Wales on Sunday about the pair.

The twin bachelors lived behind the ruins of a Cistercian monastery at nearby Strata Florida, where they were apparently visited every year by school pupils eager to learn about human evolution.

Prof Sykes told WoS: "By the time I heard the story, they were dead, but it was always said that these bachelors were neanderthals. It is just possible. Children would be taken to see them in geography or history lessons.

"I have looked at 10,000 people in the UK and I have never seen a piece of neanderthal DNA, but I have not given up hope." [Link]

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