Friday, October 06, 2006

Let Me Be the Loon

I've never attended a Renaissance festival, but after reading Shannon Conley's sales pitch, I'm ready to sign up.

“[F]or a few days or a few hours, you can leave your job, your hectic life, your cell phone and be somewhere else for a bit,” she says. “You can speak in a funny accent and pretend you’re an ancestor, or some crazy town loon that chases carrots attached to a stick that speaks to only dirt. The women knew how to feel pretty, and the men seem to be more gentlemanly about it when in another costume. It’s good for the spirit, it’s good to be nice to strangers, and – once in awhile – it’s good to raise your mug and say, ‘Huzzah! God save the Queen!’ and be from Nebraska.” [Link]

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