Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Man Digs Up Solid Proof of His Age

I guess Robert Lee Terrell of Macon, Georgia, had never read this story.

From the Stevens Point (Wis.) Daily Journal of Nov. 18, 1970:

Mr. Terrell didn't have a birth certificate or any of the other usual records accepted as evidence of age. So when he was told he would need some proof of his age, he brought his mother's tombstone to the social security office.

The tombstone showed the year of his mother's death, proving that Mr. Terrell must have been at least 62 when he filed his claim.

When the people in the social security office asked Mr. Terrell why he didn't just bring a photograph of the tombstone, he replied: "I was going to get a picture, but the person who was going to take it was out of town, so I just dug up the tombstone itself and brought it in."

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