Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Matrimonial Muddle

From the Sheboygan (Wis.) Press-Telegram of Apr. 4, 1922:

Milwaukee.—Mrs. Augusta Diesert, 64 years old, champion of marrying misses, lost two of the five husbands she has acquired during her career, in less than ten minutes at a hearing before Judge Oscar M. Fritz Monday afternoon.

She was granted a divorce on the grounds of desertion from John Diesert, whom she had previously divorced, and then remarried. At the same time Peter Grimm, whom she married when she believed Diesert was dead and whom she left last May when she met her undivorced husband on the street, was granted an annulment.
Married for the first time at the age of sixteen, this is Mrs. Diesert's record:

In 1874 she married Julius Winkel, whom she divorced after a number of years. In 1898 she became the wife of August Borchardt who died. In 1899 she married Diesert for the first time and later divorced him. Then she became Mrs. Conrad Raster. He died. In 1905 she remarried Diesert.

According to her testimony she married him in the afternoon and he told her to go home and make supper while he packed his clothes and brought them to her house.
"We waited supper for him until 8 o'clock," she declared. "He didn't come. At 4 in the morning he arrived—drunk. I told him to go right back where he came from. I never saw him again for 18 years, but I heard he was dead. In 1917 I married Peter Grimm. He didn't support me either."

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