Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Million Children Are Easy to Count

An old official at the Treasury Department told this story of a man whose bond subscription was questioned because of his odd name: Ten Million, of the firm Million & Million.

"Then followed an explanation that his father and mother were unable to select names for their children that were mutually satisfactory and that as a result, though they had had ten children, none of them was ever christened formally. The first child was a girl, and she was known only as One Million. The second child, also a girl, was known as Two Million. Thus they ran along until Ten Million was reached, and he was the writer of the letter, the other member of the firm being a brother whose only name, as far as the family was concerned, was Seven Million, the seventh child. He added that One Million had afterward called herself Una Million, that the third girl was known after she had grown up as Trio Million. The others had taken on additions to their names, and he had adopted the name of Tenis Million, but his real name was Ten Million and nothing else. The bonds were issued to him and on the books of the department were registered in the name of Ten Million." [Bedford (Pa.) Gazette of June 21, 1901, copied from the Washington Star]

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