Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington

USA Today has a great story tonight about Ralph Lincoln—a distant cousin of the late president to whom he bears a striking resemblance.

It all began with a broken leg a couple of years ago. Ralph Lincoln was recuperating at home, wondering how to pass the time, when he decided to grow a beard.

Along with his face, his life began to change, too. With facial hair, the 49-year-old looks hauntingly like Abraham Lincoln, albeit 6 inches shorter.
A recent visit to Washington brought Ralph to Ford's Theater, site of a poorly reviewed performance by John Wilkes Booth in 1865. He was quickly swarmed by fifth-graders from a suburban school.
"Are you Abe Lincoln?" asks Annie Kruger, 11, of Washington, D.C.

"A Lincoln," he replies.

She gives him a thumbs up.

"How old are you?" asks Luca Grifo-Hahn, 10, of Bethesda. "I thought you were dead." [Link]
Last February, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an article about Ralph that included a more complete description of his relationship to the president and a cool side-by-side comparison of the two Lincolns' mugs.



Thanks for posting this. Loved the video about Ralph Lincoln. What an interesting guy! And he really knows his Lincoln family.


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