Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Off the Wall Results

Erin Kobayashi was disappointed by the results that the face-recognition software at MyHeritage.com gave her. The half-Japanese, half-British woman didn't think she looked like Michael Jackson.

Mind you, this was at a point in Jackson's career when he was white and surgically effeminized. But the fact remains, a few months ago a user noted that the site failed even to detect Jackson as a human face. [Link]
She says that MyHeritage will be "adding a video morphing feature and has future plans to help users solve a burning question: Which parent do they resemble most."

If the answer to this "burning question" is again "Michael Jackson," you're in real trouble.


MyHeritage's video morphing feature is disturbing :D



I hope the end-products are better than those lame If They Mated mashups on Conan.

Robert Butler

A site I contribute to had some pretty interesting results when they compared a few hundred celebs and cartoons in MyHeritage. Let us know what you think:

Celeb Look-a-likes Part I

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