Friday, October 27, 2006

Official Irish Dirt

Two enterprising men are selling "Official Irish Dirt" to Irish-Americans looking to soil their caskets with a lump of the Old Country.

Pat Burke, 27, and Alan Jenkins, 65, have just shipped their first $1 million load of 'official' Irish soil to New York – at $15 per 12-ounce (340-gram) bag – and confidently expect it will be followed by many more.

'The demand has been absolutely phenomenal,' Burke, an agricultural scientist from County Tipperary, said on Friday.
Burke said the idea for the business – whose Web site will go live shortly – came about after Jenkins attended an Irish association meeting in Florida.

'He found that all that these second, third and fourth generation Irish wanted was a drop of the old sod – a true piece of old Ireland – to place on their caskets,' he said. [Link]

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