Saturday, October 28, 2006

Old MacDonald Had a Cow ... and a Granddaughter

From the Decatur (Ill.) Review of Dec. 15, 1918:

"The value of vital statistics might be cited from the following, vouched for by Dr. Hurty of the Indiana State Board of Health.

"A farmer in Indiana left his valuable farm in trust to his unthrifty son, to go to his granddaughter on her twenty-first birthday. When she believed she was 21 and claimed her inheritance, her father disputed her age, saying she was only 19. The family Bible was consulted, but the leaf with the record was gone. The court was in a quandry. At last a neighbor remembered that a valuable cow belonging to the grandfather had given birth to a calf on the day the girl was born, and he could swear to the coincidence; perhaps the grandfather had recorded the date of the birth of the calf. His farm books showed that he had done so, and the date of the birth of the girl was thus established. This story has a cheerful ending; in too many instances hardship and loss have been suffered because of a similar lack of indisputable birth records."

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