Tuesday, October 03, 2006

'One Step' Author Steps Away From Project

A Genealogue Exclusive [What's That?]
Stephen P. Morse, genealogist and author of the popular One-Step Webpages, has reportedly scrapped his latest "one-step" search form.

The form, titled "Searching Your Relatives' Bank Records in One Step," would have revolutionized genealogical research by allowing easy access to a resource beyond the reach of most family historians. Morse is quoted as saying that writing the underlying script was "surprisingly easy," but that he worried it might fall into the wrong hands if placed on a publicly accessible website.

When contacted by The Genealogue, a spokesman for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission applauded Morse's decision to withdraw the form, adding that "accessing that kind of information should take at least two steps."
[Photo credit: ATM keypad 3/4 by redspotted (license)]

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