Sunday, October 08, 2006

President Outranks Pioneer

From the Warren (Pa.) Evening Mirror of Dec. 22, 1911:

St. Louis, Dec. 22.—John T. Boone, Jr., descendant of Daniel Boone, obtained a divorce at Clayton from Ethel Edwards Boone, great grand niece of Thomas Jefferson.

One of the allegations Boone made on the witness stand was that his wife repeatedly told him that her family tree was superior to his. She considered Thomas Jefferson a more distinguished ancestor than his great Kentucky pioneer and Indian fighter and she repeatedly declared the Boones looked like washer women when compared with the Jeffersons. Boone is an insurance promoter. An alimony settlement was made out of court.
Update (Oct. 10): Dave at OakvilleBlackWalnut sends along a clipping of the original article, which gives some additional info on the wellborn Mrs. Boone:
After her husband left the University City home last May Mrs. Boone continued to live there with many servants. Five times in as many weeks she reported strange occurrences in the house.

Intruders, she said, moved the furniture about at night, helped themselves to food in the kitchen and left knives sticking in the butter. She told the county authorities she thought someone was doing these things to annoy her. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec. 21, 1911]


My great-grandmother deeply resembles that remark. She was a Boone descendant and a washerwoman. The Boones, unlike the Jeffersons, didn't make midnight visits to the slave cabins.

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