Thursday, October 12, 2006

Same-Sex Marriage is Nothing New

From the Huron Reflector of Norwalk, Ohio, Sept. 6, 1836, copied from the New York Journal of Commerce.

POLICE OFFICE, Aug. 13.—Extraordinary case of a female Husband.

A paragraph appeared in this paper on Saturday relative to a female who was found intoxicated in the street, on Friday night, dressed in men's clothes. The account she gave of herself turns out to be false, or at least she has since told a different story, in consequence of a farther and more extraordinary discovery having been made in relation to her. On Saturday morning a decently dressed woman called at the Police Office and asked to see James Walker (the name by which the female called herself before her sex was discovered) whom she said was her husband. This woman was informed of the discovery which had been made, and was permitted to see the person in question, to whom however she declined speaking and went away. In consequence of this occurrence, James, or rather Jane Walker, was again brought before the magistrate, and underwent another examination, in which she stated ,she was a native of Liverpool; that her name is George Moore Wilson, and that George is a name commonly given to females in England; that both her parents died when she was very young, and that when she was twelve years old, in consequence of being ill treated by her friends, she ran away from them, put on boy's clothes, and made her way to Scotland, the native place of her parents.

When she arrived there, she went to work in a factory, still retaining her boy's dress, and remained in it until she had nearly arrived at manhood. She married a Miss Eliza Cummings, with whom she set sail for Quebec two days after their marriage. A few days after her marriage, she imparted the secret of her sex to her wife; but notwithstanding this, the two females have lived together ever since as man and wife. Fifteen years have passed since their union, during which it appears they experienced a great variety of fortune, but kept the secret of her husband's sex so well, that it never before transpired, and remains even unknown to the wife's father, who has resided for sometime with them. As the first account which this woman gave of herself appears to be false, this one may also be untrue—but it stands corroborated to a certain extent by the wife calling to see her on Saturday, and by the vexation and rage she evinced on hearing that her husband's sex was discovered; and also by a marriage certificate having been found on the prisoner's person, certifying that the marriage was solemnized at the time and place which she stated in her examination. The magistrate considered the matter altogether so extraordinary, that he has detained her until it can be more fully inquired into.

chen ji

As far as i am concerned, Same-Sex Marriage is still a unbelievable thing.


I have to agree. I can't believe that Rosie O'Donnell found someone who'd marry her.

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