Wednesday, October 11, 2006

She Should've Called First

From The Newark (Ohio) Advocate of Dec. 18, 1931:

Columbus, Dec. 18.—(AP)—The date of her birth was so important to Jennie De Bout that she made a trip from California to Columbus, afoot most of the way.

Miss De Bout, whose home is in Indian Diggins, Eldorado county, California, ended her 2,300 mile trip today, only to learn that the Franklin county probate court did not have a record of her birth. She said she walked most of the way, being given lifts by motorists only a few times. She told probate court attachés that she left California Oct. 22. The woman said she is 54 years old, and explained that she needed the date of her birth for life insurance purposes.

When advised that the court here had no record of her birth, Miss De Bout said she would go to Beverly, O., where she believes an uncle resides.

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