Sunday, October 22, 2006

She Was a Hogg All Her Life

The 1975 obit of Miss Ima Hogg described her as a philanthropist and "perennial 'First Lady of Texas.'" She was the daughter of Gov. James Stephen Hogg of Texas, who explained in an 1899 article the origin of her name.

Ex. Gov Hogg, of Texas, says regarding the stories about his children's names: "The truth of the matter is that my girl's name is Ima Hogg. She was named by her mother. Her mother was reading a book somewhere in which one of the characters which interested her exceptionally was named Ima. About that time the little girl came along and she was named Ima. We never noticed the play of the name until it was called to our attention. The boys all have rational names. They are Tom, Mike and Will." [The Stevens Point (Wis.) Journal, Sept. 9, 1899]
This explanation can easily be reconciled with the account given in Miss Ima's Wikipedia entry.

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