Monday, October 23, 2006

Stones in the Cellar and Stove

If you can't find your ancestor's tombstone in Suffield, Connecticut, you might want to pay the Kaputs a visit.

In Carol and Thomas Kaput's 18th century home, two tombstones - one etched with "In Memory of Isaac Griffin" - lie side-by-side on the basement floor. A small stone that appears to have been carved for an infant rests nearby against the water heater.

"They're all over the place," Carol Kaput said of the tombstones in her house. "We're just waiting for the next one to pop up somewhere."
[She] found another headstone shoved into the home's wood-burning stove, apparently to absorb some of the heat. Kaput, a schoolteacher, found the location sacrilegious and dragged the stone, engraved with "Larmon Holcomb/Farewell my friends and children/Keep me in your memory," to her herb garden in the back of the house. [Link]

Jason Presley

Well that's no good. Now she's gone and planted the stone, she'll just get more sprouting up all over!

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