Monday, October 30, 2006

They Did Not Approve

From The Petersburg (Va.) Index of June 13, 1868:

Col. John M. Chivington, in St. Joseph, Nebraska, recently married the widow of his own son, which led to the publication of the following card from her parents:

A Card to the Public.—We, the undersigned, take this method to inform the public that the criminal act of John M. Chivington, in marrying our daughter, Mrs. Sarah A. Chivington, the widow of Thomas M. Chivington, was unknown to us, and a thing we very much regret. Had the facts been made known to us of the intentions some measures would have been taken to prevent the consummation of so vile an outrage, even if violent measures were necessary. Hoping that this may be a sufficient explanation, we remain, &c.
John B. Lull.
Almira Lull.
The Lulls' opposition to the marriage probably had less to do with the father-son relationship of their daughter's two husbands than with Col. Chivington's 1864 escapade in Colorado.

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