Sunday, October 01, 2006

They Don't Make Protests Like They Used To

Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn is urging Illinois residents to protest electricity rate hikes by sending real or electronic tea bags to the state's power companies.

The Lieutenant Governor says let's flood Com Ed with tea bags -- just like they did in the 18th Century with the Boston Tea Party.

Quinn was joined Sunday by the great-great-great grandson of a Boston Tea Party participant who sent a virtual tea bag, in Quinn's presence this weekend.

Virtual may be the way to go, since the Postal Service has said tea bags are bulky and could harm postal equipment. [Link]
Yes, it's just like the Boston Tea Party. Except it's lawful, risk-free, and requires participants to waste their own tea.


You might be interested in this.


Hmm, maybe they do make protests like they used to.

Jason Presley

Oh, and the power company doesn't make any money on taxing tea. But other than that, exactly like the Boston Tea Party.


Um, perhaps if they turned off their electricity and convinced others do to that, it might have more of an effect, don't you think. Using teabags, is errmm, weak.



A protest that involves actual sacrifice? That's so out of fashion these days.

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