Friday, October 13, 2006

Top Ten Signs You're a Redneck Genealogist

10. The banjo kid from Deliverance appears in all your family photos.

9. Your most precious family heirloom is the shotgun used at your grandparents' wedding.

8. You were once kicked out of a Family History Center for spilling beer on the microfiche.

7. Your family history has a foreword by Larry the Cable Guy.

6. You keep the Hatfield and McCoy branches of your family tree in separate file cabinets.

5. Your father's gravestone came with a gun rack and an electronic singing fish.

4. You've spent years puzzling over Bo and Luke Duke's family tree.

3. Your last family reunion was videotaped for later broadcast on Cops.

2. To save time, under "Bride's Parents" on your marriage certificate the clerk wrote "Ditto."

1. Leading cause of death in your family: "Bit by a gator, then taken off by a twister."


10. The kid doesn't appear in our family photos, but the theme song plays in the background of all our home movies.

9. I don't have the gun used at any weddings, but my brother's wife has the one used to shoot a revenuer. Does that count?

8, 7, 6, 5 don't apply...yet.

4. No Bo and Luke, but we do have an impressive list of Andy Griffith's ancestors.

3. You can't imagine the horror until it happens to you. *shudder*

2. First cousins is as close as it gets in my family. Thankfully not my direct family.

1. Leading cause of unnatural death in our family...*drumroll*... shotguns!


Judging from your answers, I would estimate that you are 73% redneck. Don't worry, there's still plenty of time for you to improve your score.


LOL! I love the tombstone. Is that for real?



Of course it's real. I found it the same place you found your picture of Bruce Willis.

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