Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Vampires of Omaha

From The Helena (Mont.) Independent of Aug. 24, 1883:

In Omaha, Nebraska, there resides an eccentric family consisting of a father, mother, and seven children. They live in a neat little cottage on a cross street that is sparsely built up. In this house the man and wife have lived nearly ten years, and neither parents nor children have ever stirred outside except at night, when they occasionally walk out in the dark of the moon. They have dealt with one grocer, who sends the supplies in the evening, to be taken in through a window. Another freak of this curious family is that they keep a coffin in the house for each member.


As an agoraphobic, frequently forced to go outside in order to earn money to support myself and my family, I wonder how they could afford to deal with the grocer if none of them had outside employment. It's not as though they had online jobs in those days. Perhaps vampires don't need jobs.


This would be an interesting case study for a genealogist/social scientist. How did they earn money? Did the children go on to live normal lives? Were the coffins ever put to use?

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