Friday, October 13, 2006

Was Evita's Hubby Shooting Blanks?

With Juan Perón's body to be moved to a new mausoleum outside of Buenos Aires next week, Martha Holgado has finally been given the chance to prove that she is the Argentine president's illegitimate daughter.

Removing 12 locks and a heavy bulletproof plate that guarded his coffin, investigators took bone samples under the watchful eye of a judge handling the paternity claims of Holgado, who went public long ago saying she was the product of a brief affair between Peron and her mother.
Many Peron followers scoff at Holgado's paternity claim, noting none of Peron's three marriages produced children.

"The people are my only descendants," Peron famously said, a phrase even etched on his new mausoleum. [Link]

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