Saturday, October 21, 2006

What, No Jam?

From the Stevens Point (Wis.) Journal of May 22, 1896, copied from the St. Louis Republic:

The Soar family of Ambaston, Derbyshire, England, have a curious heirloom in the shape of a loaf of bread which is now over 600 years old. The founders of the family, it appears, were great friends of King John. When that monarch died, he made several land grants to the Soars. One of the tracts, it appears, had always been conveyed with a loaf of bread as a witness of good faith. When King John made over the papers to the original Soar, he sent the traditional loaf along with the "writings," and the deed and the loaf are both kept to this day as sacred relics.
Sadly, the loaf was served at a dinner party by mistake in 1934. There were no survivors.

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