Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Woman Picks Up an Heirloom at Wal-Mart

Abraham and Carol Kershaw of Elgin, Ill., are trying to find a lost family heirloom. Abraham's walking stick had been passed down in the Kershaw family for four generations, but some Bad Samaritan drove off with it last month.

While at Wal-Mart in Denison, they left Abraham's walking stick in a shopping cart. Once they realized that, they rushed back to the store, but the parking lot attendant told them a woman had driven by while he was gathering carts and said it was her walking stick.

"The funny thing about is this that we left the cane in the cart, and the parking lot attendant was going to head inside to put it in the lost and found when a woman drove by and said it was hers," Carol Kershaw said when called by the newspaper. She added there was no way the parking lot attendant could have known that it wasn't the woman's cane. [Link]

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